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:. Champa museum

When visiting the Champa museum in Danang, visitors will experience a historical society whose highly developed culture was reflected in their works of art and architecture.

Built in July 1915 with the support of the Far-East Archaeological Research Institute in Hanoi, the Champa Museum now has nearly 2000 large and small sculptures. Of these, 288 are on display inside the museum, 187 objects in the garden and more than 1.200 objects are reserved in the storehouse. Most of the sculptures in the museum are original and are crafted from sandstone, terracotta or bronze. The majority of these sculptures from the 12th to the 15th century are made of sandstone with different art styles.

The sculptures which are displayed have experienced the same events as the once-glorious culture that generated them. Through the ruins of time, war and oblivion, original Champa sculptures were collected and brought here by many human generations. In the presentation of this collection, the works of the ancient Champa artists again have a new life.

In observing the many displays in the museum, we again see the glorious time of the past of a nation for whom both the passion for art and the creative talent were already at a very high level. The mysterious world of deities, the pictorial legends, the religious symbols, the curving lines of dancing girls, the smiles passing through the ages of time… all of these are brought to life.

Profoundly influenced by the architecture and sculpture of the Indian civilization, the ancient Champa, nevertheless, had a unique vision of life and religion. Such refraction brought to their world of art a distinct beauty. It is spiritual though it is very close; it is unique though it is familiar. It is a subtle but has an exceptional beauty.

:. SonTra Peninsula

SonTra is a special gift of the gods to Danang. It can be seen from every places of the city. With its sea-oriented appearance, Son Tra acts as a giant screen protecting Danang from storms and cyclones coming from the sea.

SonTra Peninsula is 10 kilometres northeast of the city center. It looks like a mushroom with its peak 693 metres above sea level. The cap of the mushroom is SonTra Mountain and its stalk is the white sandy beach that affords an ideal area for bathing, sports, fishing and swimming.

SonTra mountain is a natural preservation area with various kinds of plants and animals. On this mountain, there still remains more than 30 square kilometers of natural forests, nearly 300 types of plants and several hundred kinds of fauna, including rare animals. The scenery is very attractive. It is said that fairies usually chose this place for landing, singing, dancing and playing chess. The name TienSa (Tien: Fairy, Sa: landing) is rooted in this meaning.

From the top of the mountain, one can see the view of our beloved City, Marble Mountains, BaNa – Mount Chua. It is an enjoyable and peaceful vista.

SuoiDa stream lies at the foot of the mountain; fine sandy coral beaches run round the peninsula; waves break on the stones heaped up around the seaside. There is quiet Bai with groups of small, houses, where people can sit for hours to hear the thunder of waves and view the mountain cliffs. Opportunities also abound for divers to test the waters and view the marine displays.

It is so majestic and it is so romantic, it is so wide and it is really beautiful. In one-day stay at Son Tra, we can enjoy living in the resplendent flow of dawn and the quietness of twilight on this fascinating landscape. And that is a time for us to realize the value of each and every moment and the true calling of our hearts.

:. Marble mountains

Marble Mountains, located a short distance from the City centre, are familiar to everyone who has been to Danang City and are a symbol of the area. The ambience of pagodas, and grottoes, in a natural mountain setting together with the background murmur of waves from the nearby coast make the mountains a favourite tourist destination.

Almost two hundred years ago, King Minh Mang came to the Danang area. He named the mountain, grottoes and pagodas. These origin of these names including Ngu Hanh Son, Huyen Khong, Hoa Liem, Lang Hu, Tang Chan, Van Nguyet, Thien Long are now lost in history. Despite his attention on national development, the King kept in his mind the picturesque landscape of the mountains as the pride of the beautiful southern land.

Cultural and historical stamps can be seen on every pagoda and tower built in the 19th century, and on Champa sculptures of the 14th and 15th century. There are written-on-stone poets of the Le and Tran Dynasty, a grave of Capital TranQuangKhai’s mother, a temple worshiping Ngoc Lan princess (Minh Mang King’s younger sister) and such evolutionary relics as Da Chong tunnel, BaTho cave, KimSon mount, AmPhu cave. All are persuasive evidence of the legendary Marble Mountain and the land endowed with a people of great talent.

Like other landscapes, these mountains have many different mysterious legends. The echoes of many mysterious legends give the mountains their own character. In ancient oriental philosophy; metal, wood, water, fire, earth were five elements that created the universe. Five was the paramount number in thoughts and daily lives. The coincidence of the five peaks: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth still provides a mysterious link with the past.

To-day, visitors to the Marble Mountains can climb the 108 steps to Ling Ung pagoda, sit at VongGiang tower to look to green TruongGiang in the sunset or stand on Vong Hai tower to view sandy beaches with sea waves breaking in the shallow waters. In the late afternoon, one can see city dwellers rushing to the seaside, and fishermen patiently working their boats offshore. On the greasy paths leading to the grottoes and inside the pagodas the sandalwood exhales its fragrance. One day’s visit to the Marble Mountains makes life more beautiful and meaningful.

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